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At Anchorsholme Academy, Religious education is taught in order to help children develop an understanding of the world’s main religions. Through the weekly RE lessons, students learn about different traditions, practices and beliefs including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity and other non-religious beliefs including Humanism

Cultural Capital

Whole school assemblies. The achievements of individuals during our weekly Brilliant Award assemblies. Whole school celebration of ‘World Culture Day’ each year in the summer term. Year group celebrations during the Christian festivals of Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

Lesson Expectations

RE lessons are taught to encourage children to ask questions and explore their own curiosities, and practice their communication skills by gaining an insight into the lives of others and sharing ideas & opinions. They are encouraged to work collaboratively with peers, to widen their knowledge about religion. Parents or guardians can request that their children be removed from RE lessons and religious based assemblies.  Please contact the school for further information about this. As with other topic, students are encouraged to be Curious, Confident, Communicative and Collaborative during RE lessons.


Progress in RE is assessed by the teacher at the end of each term using the Arbour Assessment tool. Children in Key Stage 2 may be asked to complete more formal assessments of their knowledge at different times of the year or following a specific topic.


As with other lessons, RE is taught with the abilities and needs of each individual student in mind. Children are encouraged to use concrete objects in the form of religious relics where available and to learn with a more able peer as their guide when further support is needed.

More Able

In RE lessons, students who display an aptitude for RE, either through their own religious experiences outside of the school environment or who show good empathetic skills towards others will often be encouraged to lead or contribute to discussions and debates.


Celebrations and special days: Harvest Festival, Easter, Diwali, Nativity plays, for parents and extended families at Christmas, Lohri festival (Punjabi) & the Hindu Festival of Roma.

Trips/Extra-curricular opportunities

BSYW (Blackpool Schools and Youth Work scheme) Assemblies throughout the year, Easter and Christmas learning opportunities. Links to local churches: All Saints church Anchorsholme & St. Andrews Church Cleveleys. Chinese New Year celebrations. World Culture Day.



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