PSHE - The Anchorsholme Way


At Anchorsholme Academy, we encourage children to be confident and help them to develop their interpersonal, social and communication skills. A happy, healthy, confident child is a child who will find it easier to learn. We encourage children to talk about experiences and attitudes and prepare them with the knowledge and skills they need for the future. We want children to ask questions about themselves and others curiously and work collaboratively with their friends and peers. Through PSHE we want to develop pupils’ emotional literacy and communication skills to enable them to communicate their feelings and intentions in a safe and clear manner.

Cultural Capital

  • Lesson objectives are appropriately selected to expose children to different backgrounds, cultures, religions, time periods and experiences.
  • Various school visitors are organised throughout the year e.g. dental hygiene team, sex education specialised teachers, careers fair.


  • Structured weekly, timetabled lessons are to be taught using the Coram Education Scarf PSHE Scheme.
  • Teachers will adapt plans and resources for SEND pupils and different cohorts.
  • In addition, teachers must address class issues as they arise and allocate ‘talking time’ into the day as needed.


  • All pupils to complete a pre-assessment task at the beginning of a unit of work.
  • When the unit has been taught, pupils should complete the post assessment task to assess individual learning progres.



  • Work should be differentiated for more and less able learners: particularly those pupils who are on the SEND register.
  • There will need to be a wider discussion with SLT/ parents regarding the Year 6 sex education lessons and whether any SEND pupils may not be ready to access this learning.



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