Computing - The Anchorsholme Way


At Anchorsholme Academy, we aim to deliver a high-quality computing education which equips pupils to thrive in the rapidly changing digital world around us. Our broad and balanced curriculum, encompassing computer science, information technology and digital literacy, allows for creative thinking and collaboration to be at the heart of what we teach. Our pupils learn how to create, and responsibly consume, the vast amount of content that technology has to offer. Anchorsholme Academy creates confident, curious and responsible users of technology through quality-first teaching.

Cultural Capital

  • A progressive vocabulary overview
  • Significant resource provision
  • In-school and local STEM competitions
  • STEM links with local high schools
  • Careers focus within lessons
  • Enhancement days i.e. Safer Internet Day
  • KS2 ‘Creative Computing’ Funky Friday
  • Locally nominated to receive at 3D printer with accompanying CPD – 3 year project
  • Focus on remote working and collaboration within the curriculum


  • Formative assessment takes place throughout each lesson through discussion and verbal feedback. Misconceptions are addressed in a timely manner within lessons with the whole class.
  • Summative assessments take place each half term in the following formats:
  • Projects (in the process of developing rubrics) – with feedback through Google Classrooms
  • End of module google form assessments/quizzes – marks and feedback given
  • Attainment in recorded by Excel spreadsheet and shared with class teachers.

SEND & More Able

  • All pupils are sat in mixed ability pairings
  • Pairs follow a ‘driver’ and navigator’ approach to completing work
  • Support is given through a high level of staff support
  • Physical computing lessons aim to engage pupils with SEN
  • Routines during Computing sessions are clear and remain the same each week
  • Modelling and key instructions give all pupils a clear directive each lesson
  • Tasks are often open-ended and success can be achieved at different levels.
  • Scaffolding is given where needed as the NCCE provides lesson accompanying scaffolded worksheets which are available to all pupils


Extra Curricular Activities

Staff Members

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