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Art & Design - The Anchorsholme Way


At Anchorsholme we provide our pupils with an Art and Design curriculum that consistently: inspires curiosity through the study of a range of Artists, techniques and resources; We empower children to feel confident when sketching, painting, sculpting, or using textiles; We provide an environment where children can collaboratively explore ideas and experiment with different media, and we allow opportunities for the development of communicative skills through discussion based on personal creative choices, artist and art movements.

Cultural Capital

  • Units of work are appropriately selected to expose children to different artists, art movements and traditions, which are outlined in our Cultural Capital Art Spine.
  • We utilise the opportunities to broaden children’s vocabulary whilst engaging in art and design activities.
  • The school participates in an annual ‘World Culture Day’ which includes further experiences in Art & Design.
  • Children exhibit their work in community exhibitions and competitions.

Lesson Expectations

  • Each lesson to be based around an Anchor Question and begin by revisiting prior knowledge.
  • Sketchbooks to be used to make visual and written notes.
  • Celebrate and critique own and peers work in order to make improvements next lesson.


  • Examples of work are collected from each year group and annotated in floor books which demonstrate progression and inform assessment.
  • Pupils evaluate their work and the work of others.
  • Link now knowledge to previous unit learning to help recall and extend existing knowledge including from previous year groups.
  • Summative assessment judgements to be made on Arbor at the end of each term.


  • All SEND children should be supported to fully participate in Art & Design lessons, either by an adult, peer or independently with support nearby.
  • Support may include use of IT resources, differentiation of activities or practical resources.

More Able

  • Children are extended through a range of questioning.
  • Children can work collaboratively to deepen understanding.
  • Children to be assessed against the Trust Milestones at a greater depth level, broadening their understanding of the unit of study.


  • It is important during Early Years that children have regular opportunities to engage with the arts, enabling them to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials.


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