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All children will become successful, fluent readers by the end of Key Stage One. In order to do this, we provide every child with high quality phonics as this plays a key role in children developing word reading skills. Every child in Foundation Stage and Year 1 receives daily phonics lessons which follow the FFT Success for All phonics scheme. Every lesson has clear precise structure of revisit, teach, practise and apply. This allows for a recapping of previous knowledge and time to embed new learning, this can then be practised and applied in both reading and writing every day. Our aim is for every pupil to be a confident, fluent reader.

Cultural Capital

  • FFT Success for All phonics reading books expose children to different backgrounds, cultures, religions, time periods and experiences.
  • We utilise the opportunities that texts provide to broaden children’s vocabulary


  • Lessons are taught progressively, following the FFT Success for All scheme.
  • Phonics is taught each day in EYFS and KS1.
  • Children in Foundation Stage and Year 1 are streamed by ability.
  • Daily phonics interventions take place for pupils who are not meeting age-related expectations.
  • FFT Success for All reading books are shared with parents at the end of the week for re-reading at home.


  • The FFT Reading Assessment Programme is used half termly in EYFS and Y1 and termly in Y2-Y6, identifying progress in sound recognition, segmenting and blending of words, reading fluency and oral comprehension.
  • Children in Y1 complete the national Phonics Screening Check in the Summer Term.


  • Children are grouped according to their reading stage for daily phonics sessions ensuring accessibility to lessons.
  • All SEND children are supported to fully participate in phonics lessons
  • Additional support is provided through 1-1 and small group interventions throughout the week.
  • Interventions are provided using ‘Tutoring with Lightning Squad’ with teaching assistants trained in these approaches in every year group.


Foundation Stage and KS1 classrooms have the FFT Success For All sound cards displayed for their year group. All Foundation Stage displays follow the FFT letter formation.



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