Spring Topic.

In our topic of Spring, the children in Foundation Stage have been super busy.
In the literacy room, the children had fun segmenting and blending words in the Hungry Caterpillar Café as well as writing their own menu for their customers using the vocabulary from the story “The very Hungry Caterpillar.” The children also had lots of fun playing in the tricky word puddles and feeding the Hungry Caterpillar by reading the CVC words on the food.
In the Numeracy room, We have been focussing on addition, doubling and halving using lots of practical resources such as counting objects and Numicon. The children really enjoyed exploring the minibeast tray and comparing the amount of legs on the different insects.
In the Creative room, the children used their imaginations in Foundations’ very own Garden Centre. The children had different roles, such as a shopkeeper, customer or a manger, to buy items to help them grow their very own plants. The children were also given the opportunity to plant their own seeds and we discussed the fundamental things that seeds need to grow into plants. As a result, our sunflowers are growing very well in school.
In the Art room, the children have been creating fantastic pieces of artwork from the lifecycle of a Butterfly to making their own sunflowers.

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