Healthy Bodies Topic

Hi Everybody!
Well what a fitting  (in the current climate!) and fantastic topic Healthy Bodies has been! The children have absolutely emersed themselves in it and have learnt so much. We have thought about healthy and unhealthy food, the importance of sleep, the importance of exercise and we have learnt all about our bodies and how we can look after them. 
The role play areas in the setting have been a real hit! The children have loved being doctors, nurses and opticians and looking after their patients. They have used some super language in these areas and really worked together well, listening and responding to each other and developing a narrative together.
The children have had lots of opportunities to be creative and make all sorts of creations related to healthy bodies such a skeleton pictures with cotton buds. They have painted fruits and vegetables and made fruit kebabs and salad. They also designed their own Tooth Fairy and cut out foods that are good/bad for our teeth.
Outside there has been lots of opportunities to get fit and exercise and develop both fine and gross motor skills. The house was a healthy cafe and the children did exercise classes on the stage. In PE the children have LOVED using all of the big equipment. Their key fundamental skills are really improving.
In the Numeracy Room we have measured arms, legs and heights using cubes and tape measures. We have also measured and compared the lengths of different skeleton bones!
In the Literacy Room we have talked and written about all the different things that contribute to good health such as eating a varied diet, doing exercise, keeping ourselves clean and getting enough sleep. We wrote instructions on how to brush our teeth and also wash our hands. The children are working really hard to become independent writers and include capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in their writing. 
In the Creative Room we have learnt about our five senses and greatly enjoyed using our senses on a Senses Walk around school. 

We are all health experts now!
Well done children!

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