class 2 home learning for week commencing Monday 20th April 2020

Hello everyone.
Here is everything you need for home learning next week. 
Please just do the amount that you are comfortable with. There is no obligation to complete it all. 
Remember to take photos of your work and email to the class email or attach it to the Dojo visual learning platform so that I can have a look at your amazing work.
Enjoy playing in the sunshine this weekend.
Take care
Mrs Blundell

Learning offer class 2 wc 20th April 2020 MB
compare the texts of Jack&TB and Jim&TB MB
Flowers-Display-Photo-Pack MB
Addition-Word-Problem-Challenge-Cards MB
addition up to 20 MB subtraction up to 20 MB
addition up to 100 MB
subtraction up to 100 MB
subtraction up to 100 MB

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