class 2 home learning for week beginning Tuesday 14th April 2020

Hello children,
I hope you have had an amazing Easter break in this lovely sunshine. 
Until we can get back into school I will be sending you some work that you can complete each week with the help of someone in your family. This is a super opportunity to show them what you can do. Ask an adult to send photos of your work before Friday and you may get to see some of your work on the year 1 blog.
Hopefully we will be able to get back into our lovely classroom very soon. 
Take care everyone.
from Mrs. Blundell.

Learning offer class 2 wc 14th April 2020 Writing – Picture Writing Prompts MP Topic – Project Work Garden Plants and Insects Record Sheet MP Science – Life Cycle of a Bean Worksheet MP Science – Life Cycle of a Bean Power Point MP Reading – Jack and the Beanstalk Book MP Maths – Ordering beans 1-20 MP Art – Vincent VanGogh Power Point MP Art – Vincent VanGogh Art Fact Sheet MP Anchorsholme Home School Timetable Jack and the Beanstalk – Writing Activity Sheets Jack and the Beanstalk – Story Review Writing Frame Jack and the Beanstalk – Life Cycle of a Bean Activity Sheets Jack and the Beanstalk – Magic Bean Ordering Activity Jack and the Beanstalk – eBook Jack and the Beanstalk – Bean Life Cycle Spin Wheel Anchorsholme Home School Timetable (1)

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