Year 6 Home Learner of the week – Friday 03/04/20

Well done to everyone for working hard at home this week, and thank you to those of you who have been sending us updates and photographs via our class email addresses. It has been lovely to see some of the creative things you have been doing.  We have seen some excellent ideas on how to keep fit and healthy, brilliant arithmetic scores,some very exciting homemade science experiments , film reviews and even some high school maths being completed!
Please try to use the Class emails as much as possible to keep your class teacher up to date with what you are doing!

The winners this week are:

Class 16 – James Wood

James has been chosen this week from Class 16 for completing a range of work from the activities provided and has shown a desire to do extra as well, such as writing a film review of ‘The Great Escape’.  All of this news was shared with Mr Jones via the class email. Well done James.

Class 17 – Lily Burn

Lily has been chosen this week for her amazing efforts on ‘My Maths’, her brilliant arithmetic score of 40/40 and for a wonderful science experiment she completed with her family.  They created their very own Rocket which worked by adding water to a bottle and applying pressure to force it in to the air. Once she pumped it up using a foot pump it flew straight over her house! – Well done Lily Keep up the hard work!

Class 18 – Destiny Leach

Destiny is this week’s Learner of the week for Class 18 for mastery of fraction multiplication and division. Also, for creativity and discovery of advanced scientific community concepts. Well done Destiny!

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