Year 3 Home Learner of the Week – Friday 03/04/20

Well done to everyone for working hard at home this week, and thank you to those of you who have been sending us updates and photographs via our class email addresses. It has been lovely to see what you have been doing at home. We have also been really impressed with the quality of work you are producing and the range of different tasks you are completing. Keep up all your hard work!

It has been difficult to choose one Home Learner of the Week for each class as there have been so many fantastic examples of work!

The winners this week are:

Class 7 – Freya
Freya has been chosen this week as she has blown me away with her home learning efforts! She has created her own timetable which includes exercise, free time, academic time and creative time. Not only that, but Freya has been practising her spellings and got 9/10 last week!
Well Done Freya!
Miss Hillier 

Class 8 – Amy G
Amy was chosen because she has really embraced home learning this week. She has completed a huge number of maths tasks and has been practising times tables. She completed each of the daily additional tasks set on the blog and has persevered with challenges. Amy has also worked with her little sister to complete activities and have fun learning together. 
Well done Amy!
Mrs Hylton and Mrs Stafford

Class 9 – Amie

Amie was chosen this week as she has written herself a timetable each morning to plan out her learning. She includes academic time, free time, exercise and creative time each day. Amie has enjoyed completing the tasks set on the blog and taken care when completing each task to a very high standard! Well done Amie! 
Miss Chalk

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