Home Learning Activity 5- 03.04.20

Good Morning Everyone! 

Today’s activity:  Create a Historical Time Capsule!

A time capsule is a fantastic way of recording a moment of your life so that you can reflect on it in the future. It’s a brilliant historical primary source. At the moment, we find ourselves in a very different world to the one we are used to. In many years to come, children will most likely be taught about this period of time in their history lessons. With this in mind, we would like you to record what your life is like during this time for you to reflect upon it at a later date. 

Attached, is a time capsule template from Fleetwood Museum. We would like you to use this template to record your ideas. You do not need to print it; you can write out the questions. Read the instructions carefully.

In addition to the tasks set out on the instruction page, we would like you to write a reflection about how life is now and the changes that have been made, which can then be put into your time capsule. 

Ideas to write about: 
– Home schooling: How is this different? What are you doing at home to learn? How do you feel about not being in school? What are you enjoying about learning from home?
– Not being able to leave your house apart from daily exercise. 
-Which extra-curricular clubs are you not able to take part in at the moment? How do you feel?
-How do you feel about the changes in your life now? 
-Are you missing your family and friends? How are you keeping in touch? 
-Toilet roll shortage! 

Time Capsule instruction

time capsule questions

We look forward to seeing your time capsules along with pictures of you creating them. We hope that you all have a lovely Easter!

  Easter Fun!
We know that the holidays are going to be tough this year as we cannot go out of the house. Therefore, we have listed some creative ideas that, if you wish, you can do as a family whilst at home over the break. 
-Design an Easter card in your learning journals.
-Make the Easter card using card or even paper. 
-Make an Easter scene. You could use: lego, natural resources, play-doh, paint, crayons ect.
-Draw bunnies or Easter eggs and hide them around your house and garden. Have an Easter hunt with your family. 
-Research and write an Easter quiz to challenge your family members. 
– Write a diary each day of the Easter break about what you are doing. This could be continued for as long as you like. 
– Complete the treasure hunts below. 
-Complete the science experiment below. 
-Bake an Easter themed item eg: cakes- measure the ingredients accurately and then write a set of instructions on how to make your Easter creation. 
-Your online learning sites: Purple Mash, MyMaths, Spag.com, TTRS, Hit the Button are all still available. 

Science experiment- Ice cubes

These are only suggested activities. Please make sure you all have a break from your learning to spend time as a family and have fun! 

We will see you back here on Tuesday 14th April for the next daily task! 

Take care & Happy Easter! 

Miss Chalk, Mrs Hylton, Miss Hillier & Mrs Stafford. 🙂

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