Year 2-Home Learning- 2.4.20

Hello Year 2 and families,
We hope you are all feeling good.

Here are some  more Home Learning Challenges –

Art – If you haven’t already, why not make an Easter Card for someone in your family? Ask an adult to help you search for ideas online. There are many different examples using different materials.
How to Make an Easter Chick Card - Easter and Spring Crafts - Aunt ...
My Top Ten Songs –
Create a list of your top ten songs and who sings them – this could be any type of song, so not limited to current pop songs in the download charts. For example, your songs could be Top Ten Disney Songs, or Top Ten Songs from films, even Top Ten Christmas Songs. When you make your list – try to give a few reasons why you like each particular song.  This task is sure to prompt lots of discussion and debate at home!
Week of 1 December 2005 - Top 10 Songs

If you are joining an adult cooking and preparing food in the kitchen, see if there is an opportunity for measuring that you can help with.  For example, weighing ingredients using a scale, measuring liquid in a jug or on a measuring spoon or sharing out food between plates, are you halving, quartering or dividing into another fraction?
Try the Pizza Fractions game on Purple Mash in the Maths Section.

Have a great day,
The Year 2 Team.

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