Home Learning Activity 3- 01.04.20

Good Morning Year 3!

We are so impressed with all of the learning you are doing at home. It looks like you are all being very creative!

Today’s activity is a project: Design a Zoo.

On a double page spread, in your red learning book,  you are going to design your very own zoo! We would really like to see a variety of animals drawn in their enclosures. Below, you will find some step- by- step illustrations to draw different animals, which you might like to include in your design. Firstly, we would like you to choose at least 6 animals and practise drawing each animal, on a separate page. You can choose animals from the examples below, or any animals of your choice. 

Now you’ve had practise drawing your animals, it is time to design your own zoo on a double page spread of your learning journal. 

Things to think about in your design:
-Have at least 6 different animal enclosures. 
– Include a café. 
-Include a play park. 
-You will need a shop. 
– Paths are needed for people to walk to each area of your zoo.
-Fences to stop the animals getting out of their enclosures.
-Draw in pencil- use the sketching skills we have practised. 
-Colour and label each part of your zoo design. 
-Give your zoo a name and clearly write it at the top of your design. 

Have a look at these examples of zoo designs.

For additional inspiration, here is a link which takes you to a YouTube page, where you will see the Zoo Keepers at Chester Zoo taking a tour of their zoo. There are many different animals they visit! Have a look at the baby elephant! She is so cute!  

Take your time creating your design so that it is your very best piece of work. Enjoy being creative, and remember to share your final designs with your teacher via your class email. 

Have fun! 

Miss Chalk, Mrs Hylton Miss Hillier & Mrs Stafford. 🙂

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