Year 3 Home Learning Activity One! 30.03.20

Good Morning Everyone!!!

We hope that you are all keeping safe and having fun whilst learning at home. 

Today’s activity is to investigate food chains in your own outdoor spaces and create a diagram, and a written explanation, like the one below.

Your diagram can be drawn and coloured using pencils, crayons, paint or felt tips, or you could use natural resources to create your diagram such as twigs, leaves, pebbles, bark along with anything else you find in your garden. Present your diagram however you like! 

Here is an example: 

In the garden, we have some rhubarb (producer) growing which has suspicious looking holes in the leaves. We came to the conclusion that a snail (prey) was likely to have created theses holes as we found an empty snail shell nearby. This was located under a hedge, so we suspect it is likely to be a hedgehog (predator) who ate the snail! 

Once you have created your food chain diagram, ask a family member to email a picture of your work to your class email address, which was sent to you on Friday via Parent App. We cannot wait to see what you have been up to and to send you a quick message back. Remember, you can send other pictures of your home learning journey too! 

Keep up the good work! Come back tomorrow morning for your next exciting activity! 

Miss Chalk, Mrs Hylton, Miss Hiller & Mrs Stafford. 🙂

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