Well what a fun Topic Superheroes has been! The children have been absolutely engrossed in this topic. We have thought about Superheroes in our real lives and fictional Superheroes. We have talked about their outfits, powers, strengths and characteristics. We have looked at books and comics and played with figurines. In the Literacy room we have looked at comic strips, written speech bubbles, written secret messages and acrostic poems. It has been brilliant to see all the children want to write secret messages independently – if only we could do ALL our writing like that!!! In the Numeracy room we have been measuring Superheroes and working on our addition and subtraction skills. We have been using various strategies to help us such as counters, fingers, circles, number lines and counting back. Some of the children are now working confidently with numbers to 20 and beyond! In the Creative room, the children have really enjoyed playing in the role play ‘Mission Office’ where they could act out their missions, scanning the QR codes to see what their super power was. We also made some Superhero Aeroplanes and had races to see whose went the furthest. The Art Room has been a hive of activity with children making radio models using a variety of materials,  superhero masks,  superhero towers and super food smoothies. They have also done some observational drawings of Superhero figurines. In the Outdoor area the children used the getaway cars to hide from the baddies, acted out superhero scenes using the stage, and played in the spiderweb tuff box as well as many other activities related to superheroes.  
Thank you for your co-operation and support at this very strange time.
We have to say, the children have been very good about washing their hands all the time and using hand gel.

The Foundation Stage Team

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