Traditional Tales

Traditional Tales has been a lovely topic.
The children have enjoyed becoming Princes and Princesses and taking on the role of different characters. They have read different Traditional Tales over the past two weeks and have engaged in a range of activities. 
In Literacy, the children have been learning about the structure of Traditional Tales and applying this to their own writing. They have learnt about how to make their sentences more exciting by adding descriptive words.  The children have really enjoyed describing the different characters and discussing what they like and what they don’t about each character and why! They are also now becoming more familiar with asking appropriate questions to develop their level of understanding. The children have also enjoyed taking an active part in group discussions and class discussions about the stories.
In Numeracy, the children have explored different patterns to create a new blanket for Grandma. They are now super at making 2 or 3 coloured patterns! The children have been learning how to use ‘Numicon’ which is a new tool that we are using to teach ‘addition’ and ‘subtraction as well as many other maths related activities.  They enjoyed weighing the ‘Numicon’ until the two baskets balanced showing that they had the correct number correlation on each side. The children have learnt lots of new language based on weighing and are now able to use this in their own discussions. 
In the Creative room, the children have loved acting out different Traditional Tales including ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and  ‘Goldilocks & The Three Bears’.  The role-play area in the Creative room  was set up as the ‘Three Bears Cottage’.  It was lovely to see how the children used it to act out the relevant parts of the story. They learnt about the famous composer Tchaikovsky and listened to the music from Sleeping Beauty. The children loved dressing up and learning steps from the Waltz, as well as creating their own orchestra and playing their instruments in time with the music. They also learnt about the artist Mondrian and took on the role of becoming an artist to create a master piece influenced by his work! 
In the Art room the children had the opportunity to make Rapunzel Towers using different materials and tools, Ugly Duckling hand prints, jewelled crowns and mirrors, the Three Little Pig’s houses, and many other exciting things.  Outside they enjoyed making porridge, potions and measuring themselves.  They also followed the Hansel and Gretel trail around the playground as well as other activities.
There has been lots to learn in this topic and the children have really enjoyed taking part in all of the activities provided.

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