The children have really embraced this topic and have worked really hard for last 2 weeks.
In the Literacy room the children have been labelling vehicles, writing vehicle lists and even retelling some of the transport related stories! Their writing skills are really improving as they have become more confident at sounding out and having a go at writing the sounds they can hear. Keep practising writing at home.
In the Numeracy room we have been making tallies and bar charts of vehicles and car colours, measuring how far cars travel down from ramps of different heights and making repeating patterns from coloured vehicles. We have also been working on our addition skills and now know lots of different methods that help us to add up. Some of us prefer using practical equipment, some of use our fingers, some of us draw then add up circles, some of us use a number line and some of us just do it in our head! All the methods work!
In the Creative room we have been finding out about how vehicles have changed over time and also finding out about different countries that we can fly to. But most of all we have been enjoying playing in the role play airport where many of us have been jetting off on our holidays!
Outside we have been practising our road crossing skills and have enjoyed using the big STOP and GO signs on our roads and zebra crossing. We have also used the big blocks to build cars, boats, aeroplanes and garages.
In the art room we have been painting and making all sorts of vehicles.
We have also done some work on Internet Safety which we all know is so important. Ask your child if they can remember the Internet Safety song!
As always we have been busy busy busy and the time has flown by. We can’t believe it’s half term already! Have a great break everyone, but remember to keep reading at home!
The Foundation Stage Team x

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  • 3rd March 2020 at 7:18 am

    Jimmy – still – that is a novelty in itself – loved this topic. Thanks


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