Transpiration experiment

You will need:

  • White flowers
  • Food colouring –Natural food colourings DO NOT work in our experience.
  • Water
  • Small jar or vase



  1. Trim the flowers at the stalks.
  2. Fill a vase or jar with water and add some food colouring of your choice.
  3. Put your flowers in the water and wait.
  4. Usually you will see the flowers change colour within a few hours.



Try carefully splitting a stem in half with a sharp knife (ask an adult to do this.)

Place one half of the stem in one colour water and the other in a different colour. After a few hours you should have a flower with different coloured petals!

Please send photos of you and your super science experiment into school for our science display!

Bring your printed photos to Miss Alladice or alternatively send them in on a USB stick or you can email them to the school office with your name and class – [email protected]

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