What a fun topic castles has been. The children have been completely enthralled by it. We have had so much fun and the children have learnt so much. We are really proud of them – as always! They have really enjoyed learning lots of new vocabulary such as moat, battlements, portcullis, drawbridge. Ask your child about these words – you’ll be amazed at their knowledge!
In the Literacy room, we have been continuing to practise our cursive handwriting and line writing sentences about stories we have read. We read one called ‘The Worst Princess’ which we really enjoyed. The children have been thinking about capital letters, fulls stops and finger spaces and we have also looked at and written some speech bubbles too. The children have enjoyed playing kings and queens in the Literacy room and playing with the small world knights and castles – they are brilliant at role playing together and making up their own imaginative narratives.
In the Numeracy room, we have been working on addition and subtraction. We have used lots of castle themed practical equipment (knights, dragons), our fingers, number lines, Numicon and drawn circles to help us with this. We had a lot of fun slaying the dragons to help us subtract! 
In the Creative room, we have had an actual castle for the children to play in and they have LOVED it!!!! They have enjoyed role playing – dragons, knights, kings, queens, princes, princesses. It has been great to see as the children are now making up their own games/plays in groups rather than playing alongside each other. They have completed jigsaws, made castles with Lego, made crowns and flags and designed their own coats of arms. We have learnt about the different people who lived in castles and what their roles were and why. It’s been a busy 2 weeks!
In the Art room the children have had lots of opportunities to make things such as shields, wands and dragons. They have painted pictures of castles and dragons and made stained glass windows and flags. They have also made bread  for the Royal Banquet on Friday!
Outside, the children have built castles and played in them, used foam swords to play number games, played hide and seek, pretended to be jesters and played the musical instruments and used the chalk to draw/write.
It has been such a good topic – the children have learnt such a lot of new language and they have used it in their play. Some children have been so inspired they have made their own castles out of cardboard at home – they are amazing!!!!
What a great 2 weeks we have had and what better way to finish it off than with a banquet!
Thank you for your continued support,
Mrs Dickinson & The Foundation Team :0)

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