Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year! Our Winter topic has got off to a busy start with walks around the grounds to spot any signs of Winter. The children were really good at this and are starting to make links with the seasons and changes to our environment. We have also looked at changes when ice melts and used our knowledge to “free” arctic animals from blocks of ice!
In the Art room we have been chopping vegetables to make yummy winter soup, making penguin collages, junk modelling igloos, sponge painting owls, painting robins and making cotton bud snowmen to name but a few activities! 
In the Literacy room we have started to “line write”. This is when the children decide on a sentence to write and we write an appropriate line for each word, leaving gaps in between. They then write the sounds they can hear for each word on the line. We have been reading winter stories, watching videos on how to make bird feeders and thinking about the life cycle of penguins. The igloo role play area has proved very popular!
In the Numeracy room, we have been working on estimation and time. We have been ‘having a good guess’ about how many figures are on the ‘Winter Wonderland Train’ and then counting them carefully and seeing if we were right or quite close. We also calculated 1 more and 1 less. The children are making great progress with this – many of them can now do it! We have been thinking about language associated with ‘time’ and using the second hand on the clock to time ourselves doing various activities in 1 minute. We discovered that the easier the activity – the more things we could do.
All in all a busy but exciting start to 2020!

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