Harvest Time

  For the last 2 weeks we have been learning about our Harvest topic.  The children have really enjoyed learning about the different aspects of this topic. In the literacy room they have listened to different stories including ‘The Little Red Hen’.  They have also looked at non-fiction books including ‘Harvest Festival’.  The children have been practising writing ‘letters’ in their writing books and some children wrote fruit and vegetable shopping lists.  The numeracy room had a Farmer’s  Market role-play and was very popular with the children.  In their focus groups they compared two groups of Harvest objects and had to say which group had the fewest/most number of objects in it.  They continued to learn about numbers – which is the biggest/smallest? and what is one more/one less? and also practised number formation.   They  used the scales to weigh out fruit and vegetables and continued to use Numicon to support them in the different activities.  In the creative room there has been a Farm role-play and it has been fun watching the children enjoying dressing up as sheep and playing with the other farm toys.   As well as learning other songs they learnt the song Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow and played musical instruments to accompany it.  They also looked at a power point about fruit and vegetables and then had to cut fruit and vegetables out and sort them into fruit and vegetables and stick them under the correct headings.  The children also made scarecrows using card and split pins and then they added clothes to finish them off.   In the art room the children have been busy making and eating vegetable soup, pumpkin plates a scarecrow collage and many other things.  Outside the children could do some Autumn gardening, use magnifying glasses to spot bugs and do other fun activities such as a ‘conker run’ and counting Autumn objects like leaves and conkers.   Today has been a special day as we have been celebrating Diwali.  The children have joined in a number of activities including making cards, candles, hand designs and making models with the glitter playdough.   We hope that you all enjoy half term and look forward to seeing you back at school after the break.

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