Royal Ballet visit to the Globe Theatre

Good Evening!

Year 3 had the fantastic opportunity to visit some of the Royal Ballet students at the Globe Theatre this week. The children were shown what a ballet lesson consisted of at the Royal Ballet School; some lucky children were able to dance with the Royal Ballet students, we heard a little more about what ballet was about and shared what we had learnt so far from Miss Gough and Mr Hague. 

We met some of the ballet school’s younger students who currently attend classes in the evening and at the weekend. One of the male students was part of the ‘Primary Steps Programme’-the programme our children are currently involved in. He had been selected to join the Royal Ballet school after his efforts and potential had been identified by the Royal Ballet teacher visiting his primary school. This reminds us of what an amazing opportunity our children are experiencing as any child can be selected to take their ballet interests further. 

Throughout the performance, two of the final year students performed for us; they were incredible. Our children were fascinated by their skills, poise, strength and flexibility as they performed beautiful routines. 

We hope that this experience with the Royal Ballet School inspires all of our children- it certainly is having a positive effect on children’s views towards ballet. Many of our boys are enjoying the sessions and have said that they can apply the skills that ballet teaches them, such as strength and flexibility, to their football. 

Have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday!
The Year 3 Team.

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