Our First Few weeks in School

Welcome to our first Blog of the year! We are very proud of how the children have settled into big school. They have learnt so much about the rules and routines of the setting already – we are thrilled with how well they are getting along. This week they have enjoyed our rotation system where we spend some time in each classroom. The children have loved exploring all the new activities and playing in the role play areas. They have also had sessions in the Art Room and Outside. It really is amazing to see how much the children can learn in such a short space of time. They already know that when they hear the ‘Tidy Up Rhumba’, they should be getting the classroom tidy. They already respond brilliantly to our 2 hands approach to getting their attention. They are all able to say some of the school prayer and find their name for self-registration. We are really enjoying getting to know our new classes and all their individual personalities and we know the children are enjoying getting to know us and each other. Thank you to those of you who were able to come to the Bedtime Story Night, it was a lovely evening and a nice opportunity to enjoy reading together.

Red Class Photos

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