Class 9’s visit to the Zoo!

What an amazing day we’ve had at the zoo! The weather was lovely, the children were fantastically behaved and we all had lots of fun!

This half term we have been learning about rain forests and habitats around the world. During today’s educational session, the children showed off their super subject knowledge and learnt even more about animals from different habitats. Did you know that elephants only have 4 teeth? They are huge and very heavy. Elephants have 6 sets of these teeth throughout their lives. 

We even got to meet Puffy- the bearded dragon during the session. He was very patient as we all stroked him. 

The lion was another favourite. He came very close to the side of the enclosure to investigate and let out a roar to greet us- or maybe warn us off! 

Thank you Class 9 for a very enjoyable day!

Mrs Smith 🙂 


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