What a busy topic “Animals” has been!

To start our topic off, we took a very exciting trip to the zoo. The children loved being explorers and learning all about the different animals and their habitat. They even got the chance to touch various creatures and artefacts!

In the Numeracy Room we have been looking at halving even numbers using a variety of objects. We have talked about the language of division and looked at how to write simple division sums. The children have also been exploring how to tell the time. We have been focusing on the minute and hour hand, looking at the differences between them.  We have used clocks to tell the time to half past the hour and o’clock. All the children were keen to tell us when it was bedtime and dinner time. Obviously two most important parts of their day- perhaps one more then the other!

Our creative room role play area has been turned into a vet’s and the children have really enjoyed taking on the different roles. We have seen receptionists, vet’s and even poorly pets! We have also been looking at different animals and where they live. The children are now able to explain each animal group, (for example: reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and insects) and talk about why they are different to each other. 

In the Literacy Room we have been looking at using adjectives in our writing. The children now know different adjectives to describe a range of animals and are able to use these to make their sentences more exciting! The children loved reading the story of ‘Elmer’, creating their own colour poem and talking about the importance of being different. We all decided that it would be extremely boring if we were all the same!

In the Art Room we have also been creating a range of animal art work, using different techniques and exploring how to adapt our work to make it better

Wow what an amazing 2 weeks!

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