The children have really enjoyed the ‘Toy’ topic.  They learnt about old and new toys in the Creative room.   They looked at examples of both and explained the difference between  colour and materials used to make them.  The children had the opportunity to design their own toys, looking at features they liked both on the old and new toys and then put them together to make their own design.  They also played with toys that they were not familiar with in the ‘Toy’ museum role-play as well as the Beebot race track.  In the Literacy room they listened to stories relating to toys including Dogger, and The Toy Hospital. They wrote speech bubbles, sentences, lists, and instructions using their phonic and word knowledge about the stories they heard.  In the Numeracy room there was lots to do relating to money.  The children learnt about the different coins, and used the Numicon to help them.  They  enjoyed playing in the role-play  ‘Toy Shop’  spending their money on toys.   They learnt how to pay for the toys and how to give change.  The Art room has been very busy with children  making dinosaur paper plates, dragon blowers, marble paintings as well as lots of other exciting things.  In the outside area the children accessed different play zones.  Theses included water activities, build a bear toys, small world, racing on the hoppers and gardening.  Another great topic. 

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