This has been such a worthwhile topic! The children have learnt all about what we should recycle, how to recycle and most importantly, WHY we should recycle. We have made costumes from recycled newspaper, made instruments from old bottles and boxes, sorted our rubbish by material type, investigated what recycled materials can be made into (fleece coats from bottle tops!) and designed posters to encourage others to recycle. We have looked at magnets used to separate metal from other rubbish and had a great time exploring the classroom with magnets looking for metal items. We have looked at technology in the home and school as part of our discussions on saving electricity (we went on a hunt around school and even went into the kitchen to look at the industrial size equipment!) and we have played interactive sorting games on the computer. Our stories have all been based around recycling and we have used them to inspire our writing. Our role play areas have been fabulous. We have made a recycling centre where the children have dressed up in their hi vis jackets and hard hats and used the grabbers to sort the materials, we have made a school lending library where the children have taken turns at being a librarian and we have had a role-play charity shop where the children could donate items such as old toys and buy others back (we bought them with Numicon plates as part of our number work with Numicon!) It’s all be very informative and the children have learnt a lot. I hope they have been encouraging you all to do more recycling at home!

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