Healthy Bodies

What a busy topic “Healthy Bodies” has been!
In the Numeracy Room we have measured arms, legs and heights using cubes and tape measures. We have also measured and compared the lengths of different skeleton bones!
In the Creative Room we have learnt about our five senses and greatly enjoyed using our senses on a Senses Walk around school. We recorded what we saw, heard, smelt, touched and even tasted – it was great fun! We have also talked about the way we change when we get older and we have had a fabulous time taking on different roles in the Opticians Role Play Area! 
In the Literacy Room we have talked and written about all the different things that contribute to good health such as eating a varied diet, doing exercise, keeping ourselves clean and getting enough sleep. We wrote instructions on how to brush our teeth and also wash our hands. Great fun has been had in the Doctor’s Role Play Area!
In the Art Room we have made collage fruity faces and practised slicing and eating fruit, to name but a few of the exciting activities.
A particular highlight was our visit from the school Nurse as she showed us how to wash our hands correctly and explained about good and bad germs!! 
Wow we are all health experts now!

Red Class

Blue Class 

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