Foundation Stage Superheroes

What a fantastic topic the children have really enjoyed being Superheroes and finding out about different Superheroes!  They have had so much fun pretending to be superheroes in the Creative Room and other classrooms.  They really enjoyed playing in the role play ‘Mission Office’ where they could act out their missions, scanning the QR codes to see what their super power was.  There have been lots of discussion about real life superheroes: the police, doctors, nurses and fire people.  The lesson about the artist Roy Lichtenstein was really interesting,  and the children couldn’t wait to do a self portrait of themselves  in the style of Lichtenstein.  They used small mirrors to help them.  In the Literacy Room they heard lots of stories about superheroes including ‘Max the Super Baby’.  He was very good at ‘quiet deeds’.  The children had to write a letter to Max to ask him to help them get Busy Bee back from the baddies.  The children also learnt about how to write comic strips, speech bubbles, invisible writing, acrostic poems and different types of lists.  The superhero theme continued in the Numeracy Room where the children had to solve problems related to addition and subtraction.  They used superhero objects, number lines, hundred squares and even had to solve the problem of Sid the spider’s missing legs using subtraction to help them.  The Art Room has been a hype of activity with children making radio models using a variety of materials,  superhero masks,  superhero towers and super food smoothies.   In the outdoor area the children used the getaway cars to hide from the baddies, acted out superhero scenes using the stage, and played in the spiderweb tuff box as well as many other activities related to superheroes.  
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