Owls in Year 5?!

Year 5 had a really exciting time last week. On Wednesday, we had a visit from Little Dove Tails and Owls (check them out on Facebook), who brought in a selection of their winged friends for our children to see, learn about, and even hold. “Never work with children or animals,” they say; we did both and it worked out brilliantly. The children were amazing, both with their attention and respect towards our visitors but also the way they showed respect and care towards the owls themselves.

We all learned a lot about owls and their lives. We also saw this in motion, as one performed a “motion” for us all to see.

We hope that you can see from the pictures below just how much fun the children and grown-ups had during these presentations. A massive “Thank you” has to go to Little Dove Tails and Owls for giving the children such a treat.

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