Year 5, our Space Scientists

Incoming message from the European Space Agency……..

“We’re pleased to tell you that all of your 37 submitted entries were granted flight status on the International Space Station.”

In their Computing lessons last term, every child in Year 5 was involved in writing computing programs to run on the International Space Station. Their programs displayed images and messages and monitored the temperature in the ISS using the Astro Pis that are installed onboard. The European Space Agency only grants flight status to the programs that meet the mission criteria and informed us that nearly 1000 entries were declined! This makes our school’s achievement of all 37 of our team entries being granted flight status all the more special. A huge congratulations to our Year 5 children who worked very hard to get to grips with the Python programming language and the Astro Pi functionality.  In class we will be looking at exactly where over the planet the ISS was orbiting when each team’s program was run. 

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