Class 15 trip to the Liverpool museum

It took quite a while to get there, and even longer to get back, but Class 15 had an absolutely brilliant time at the Liverpool museum last week. 
The main reason for the trip was to give a bit of context to the Ancient Egyptians topic that our children have been working so hard on for the last few weeks. It’s great to learn the theory and background of the people, place, culture and especially about mummification, but so much better to actually see the real thing and to even carefully touch, but not pick up (Miss Carr!), artefacts from over 4000 years ago!!!
We saw, touched, but did not pick up (Miss Carr!) canopic jars; ask your children about these, and about which jar contained what  (as long as you’re not squeamish). We learned about Ancient Egyptian writing and saw a copy of the Rosetta stone, which we did not try to pick up (Miss Carr!), and we were especially keen on spending time with the mummies, both human and animal that have been brilliantly preserved through the millennia.
We even had time left to visit the Space and Time exhibition (touching a real lump of meteor along the way), as well as the aquarium.
We seem to say this after every trip this class goes on, but the behaviour of every single child was absolutely impeccable; they were a real credit to themselves. Well done, children.
It’s extremely difficult to condense an entire day’s exploring, touching, learning, reading, and especially mummies into a couple of hundred words, and as I believe that a picture speaks a lot more than that, please see many thousands of words below:

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