Winter Topic

Hello and welcome back to all our Foundation children!
We have made a great start to our new topic all about Winter! 
This week in Literacy we were writing instructions on how to create a bird feeder for those hungry garden visitors! We have been lookingat the life cycle of penguins and learning key facts. 
In our Topic discussions we have talked about hibernation, Arctic creatures and the seasonal changes happening in the local environment. Everyone enjoyed wrapping up warm for our Winter walk and some great observations were made!
We have undertaken some really interesting experiments with ice, thinking of different ways to melt the ice to rescue our Artic animals. There has been lots of exciting activities in our Art area relating to Winter topic, including making delicious soup.
In Numeracy some of the children have been focussing on numbers to 20, estimating how many people are on the winter train and beginning some simple adition and subtractions sums. It has been wonderful to see them using numbers so confidently and talking about numbers that are 1 more and 1 less than a given number. 
We have regrouped our Phonics sessions and the new phonics groups will enable the children to work comfortably within their own abilities and this re grouping ensures children who need extra reinforcement will receive it. 
Its super to see the children returning to a new term with such enthusiasm.

Thank you again for your continuing support,
The Foundation Teaching Team.

Blue Class 

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