We’ve all enjoyed the Autumn topic enormously, with the children collecting and investigating conkers, sycamores, coloured leaves and berries. We’ve drawn them, made pictures with them and even rolled them around in paint to make prints with them! We’ve also made fingerprint trees, handprint hedgehogs and collage sweetcorn. In the Literacy room we have been practising our letters and sounds, specifically s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c and k. We’ve been writing the letters and thinking of words that begin with those sounds. Please keep practising at home too. We’ve enjoyed lots of Autumn stories about mice, squirrels and hedgehogs and finding out about hibernation. In the Numeracy room we have been practising writing the numbers to 10 and also matching numbers with quantities. We’ve also had great fun in the farm shop, buying and selling all the fruit and vegetables. In the Creative room we have absolutely loved playing in the Gruffalo Den and the children have used lots of fantastic language from the story. All in all a super topic in which we have learnt loads!

Blue Class

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