Year 3 News – w/c 10th September

The children have had a busy week this week and are continuing to work hard. In English, they have been exploring Stone Age stories. The children are enjoying our daily guided reading using VIPERS and have learned about how Stone Henge was constructed. In maths, they have continued their work on place value and have been busy partitioning, ordering, comparing and rounding numbers. They have also been applying their place value knowledge to problem-solving activities. Class 7 are really enjoying their recorder lessons and will continue with these until Christmas. 
Next week, we will be continuing our work on Stone Age stories and focusing on mental methods of addition and subtraction. Our Royal Ballet sessions will be starting on Friday 21st September and we are really looking forward to these. It is Meet the Teacher on Tuesday 18th September from 6 – 8pm. Each teacher will be delivering a presentation in their classroom at 6:15pm and again at 7:15pm, where they will be providing information about the year ahead. We look forward to seeing you.

Year 3 Team

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