Under the Sea

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The children have had a fabulous time learning about different aspects of our ‘Under the Sea’ topic.

In the ‘Creative’ room the children had the opportunity to make their own ‘underwater world’ using a paddling pool, pebbles, rocks, net, sea weed, shells and sea creatures.  They really enjoyed themselves and came up with some very good original ideas.  They modelled how the sea creatures would swim using the plastic sea creatures in the water filled tray, and they looked at pictures and videos of underwater environments and sea creatures.  They also created their own labelled posters showing sea creatures under the sea, and made sea creature puppets to use when acting out the story of the ‘Rainbow Fish’.

The ‘Literacy’ room had its very own ‘beech hut’,  where the children could sit in the deck chairs and pretend that they were at the seaside.   There were many stories read over the two week period, including the story of ‘More, More, More’ by Dawn Casey, ‘The Singing Mermaid’ by Julia Donaldson and ‘Under the Sea’ by Anna Milbourne and Cathy Shimmon.   The children wrote about some of the stories, practised writing lists, wrote postcards about what it was like living under the sea on holiday and labelled different types of fish.  They also had the opportunity to complete a ‘word search’ or a sea creature ‘passport’.  

The ‘seaside souvenir shop’ went down a real treat in the ‘Numeracy’ room.  The children pretended to sell and buy souvenirs using their own experience of shopping.  They also dressed up in some of the items.  They used ICT to help solve addition and subtraction problems as well as number bonds to 10 and 20.  In the water tray the children had to find out how many cups of water were needed to fill different larger containers.  They then had to explain what the capacity of each container was: e.g. This container has the capacity of four cups of water.  Some children also ordered bottles of coloured water by how much water they contained.  

In the ‘Art’ room the children made goldfish bowl pictures, sequin sea horses, crab hand-print paintings, split pin fish and fish and sea horse collages.  They also had other resources that they could use to make models of different sea creatures. 

Outside the children had a super time playing with a range of activities including the small world ‘under the sea’ tuft spot, water fun – buckets, watering cans, tunnels and trays, ‘pin the leg on the octopus’ and ‘under the sea’ limbo.

Finally, by the middle of next week, all of the classes will have visited the ‘Sea Life Centre’.  Those children who have already visited the ‘Sea Life Centre’ found the experience very enjoyable and it was a lovely way to finish the topic.

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