Mamas & Papas New Rehearsal Tracks

Hello Choir!

Here are the rehearsal parts along with the new version of the backing track for next week’s competition.

First of all, here is the full medley with all the vocals:

Mamas & Papas Full
Mamas & Papas backing track only

For the individual practice parts, I have split the medley into the two songs.

Here are the individual parts for California Dreaming:

California Dreaming Lead Only
California Dreaming Hi Harmony only
California Dreaming Lo Harmony only

And now the individual parts for Monday Monday:

Monday Monday Lead only
Monday Monday Hi Harmony only
Monday Monday Lo Harmony
Please listen and sing along as much as you can. It will help you to be prepared for rehearsals. The rehearsals should no longer be time for learning, but simply to polish our performance ready for next week.

Mr Morley

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