Walchpack – Week 12

Obviously, we haven’t been in school this week, but I am excited by the fact we are back on Monday and I have spent some of this week ensuring our 7 days off will not take its toll. I am looking forward to getting going again and seeing the pack in their slightly redesigned learning environment.

That leaves very little for me to mention this week, but I will update you on a few things that we will be doing from now until Christmas:
-A trip to Ribchester
-A Christmas party
-Christmas themed art/DT
-Writing our own recounts and fables
and so on….

I am sure there are things that I have forgotten, and more things that will come up!

One key thing the children will be focusing on learning, is ‘time’ – something, in which I have already noticed various levels of understanding around the room. As it can be a tricky and abstract concept for some to grasp, can I ask that this is reinforced as much as possible: telling the time (analogue/digital); working what time it will be in x amount of minutes/hours; what time it was x amount of minutes/hours ago; the 24hour clock; am/pm and making conversions between units of measure e.g. how many hours is 150 minutes?

Little things like this will make a huge difference and as always, is much appreciated.

Finally, I mentioned in the last blog about handwriting and suggested to many of you at parents’ evening about getting children to practise daily for 5 minutes. As I know some children might be reluctant to do this, I wanted to share an alternate/additional idea that a parent told me during one of the meetings, that I thought was great – asking the child to write the shopping list (this way it has more purpose for your children and you can reinforce the need to be able to read it). It also got me thinking of other little things like this: Christmas lists/cards, thank you notes etc.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Have a nice weekend,

Mr. Walch

Couldn’t resist a few pictures to go with the theme…
Image result for if you can read this your a teacher         Image result for telling the time funny               

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