Phonics and Reading

Reading In Foundation Stage

Reading opportunities are given on a daily basis. A wide range of approaches are used to provide first hand experiences for the children. The children are taught in a stimulating environment that is rich in written print. There are focussed periods within the day when small groups of children share books in a more structured way – i.e. guided reading. The class teachers will share big books and text using books on the smart boards with the class in addition to regularly reading stories and singing rhymes. There are designated book areas in every classroom to inspire a love of reading.

Our Phonics programme “Letters and Sounds” is taught daily and is supported by The Oxford Reading Tree Floppy’s Phonics Programme and ‘THRASS’. It covers all the pre requisite skills for reading such as sound identification, sequencing, reproduction, discrimination, segmenting and blending. The children also begin to read “tricky” words on sight.

The children are given an individual reading book to take home from September, which is changed twice a week. The teacher and teaching assistants will read with each child and encourage reading to take place at home. Comments about reading progress are recorded in a home/school reading record book by both teachers and parents.

Key Stage 1

“Letters and Sounds” is taught daily through discrete phonics teaching. Children are ability grouped within their year group to ensure that each child accesses the Phonics programme at the appropriate level. Phonics activities are practical and fun, to encourage engagement and learning. During shared and guided reading, phonics work is reinforced in the context of real texts.  Children also continue to learn the “tricky” and high frequency words.  

The English Scheme of Work encourages the use of a wide range of text types.  Through shared and guided reading, skills such as segmenting and blending are modelled and developed. Writing activities often follow on from shared reading.

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